47/2 Alonei Mamre 

Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion 9090900


Inspired by life experience, beauties of nature, and Judaism in its practice and culture, I create a variety of hand-woven pieces and handspun yarns using fiber as a medium.


I have a deep passion for the value of natural materials and a commitment to use them as the base of my work. My works include both protein and cellulose: wools, silks, cotton, bamboo, Tencel, and linen.  


Each fibers individual qualities, make up an array of attributes to choose from when creating a piece. From thread to tapestry, each handcrafted piece is made with reverence, mindfulness, and love.


The love and care that are woven into each piece become part of the connection between the weaver and the wearer.


It is the accumulation of life experiences, joys, and resources that have brought TASUE designs weavings and workshops to fruition.