47/2 Alonei Mamre 

Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion 9090900


TASUE Designs

A Fibre Arts Studio focused on Teaching, Weaving, and Spinning. 


TASUE workshops aren't just a project, they are a free-minded and body engaging learning experience. Appropriate for a small group evening activity, team building day, or therapeutic resource.  

 ◇ Tapestry loom workshop

 ◇ Multi shaft loom workshop

 ◇ Drop spindle workshop


TASUEdesigns also offers supplies for your weaving and spinning needs. 

  ◇ Louët looms and wheels

  ◇ Unicorn Clean Fragrance-free detergent

  ◇ Buncha Farmers stain remover


Handcrafted woven pieces and handspun skeins of yarn are available as OOAK (one of a kind) offerings.  Custom pieces are available by commission.

Who is TASUE?

Inspired by life experience, nature, and Judaism in its practice and culture, I create a variety of hand-woven pieces and handspun yarns using fiber as a medium.

I am a dedicated mama of 8, trained early childhood educator, and doula. 

I have a deep passion for the value of natural materials and a commitment to use them as the base of my work. My works include both protein and cellulose fibers: wools, silks, cotton, bamboo, Tencel, and linen.